A Quick Quiz: What Poisons are in Your Body?

In today's New York Times, author Nicholas Kristof wrote a terrific (and at times humorous) article on the toxins we use everyday, which he reminds us are found in everything - from your toothpaste to cash register receipts to your sofa. There's a very well designed quiz on products you've been exposed to in the last month that I recommend you take.  It's short, easy and the results will to bring into focus the many ways we repeatedly expose our children and ourselves to an untold number of harmful chemicals.

Click here to take the quiz:  What Poisons Are in Your Body?

I am quite confident Nicholas Kristof's interest in environmental toxins began when he attended the Mount Sinai Children's Environmental Health Center's second annual winter symposium in December 2009.  Wendy Rubinstein, one of our most valued and passionate CEHC board members, boldly invited Mr. Kristof to the symposium and like a gift out of no where, he came!  His resulting New York Times article, "Cancer From the Kitchen?" was the start of his series of articles to bring to light the plight of sick humans in unregulated chemical world.

Take the quiz and let me know how you score.  Because I had recently opted to use a conventional sunscreen vs. getting a sunburn, brought my own nail polish to my last pedicure but forgot organic lotion, and spent two weeks in a rental house with flame retardant filled mattresses,  I did not ace this test.  But my results made me more determined than ever to point consumers towards safe products that are good for you and the environment.


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