Shower Head Water Filter

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by Clearly Filtered

Chrome 7 setting filtered Shower Head removes Chlorine, Odors, Dirt and Sediment for healthier and smoother hair and skin.

Stop inhaling harmful chlorine while showering! Get a ClearlyFiltered shower head and enjoy clean, refreshing showers without the contaminants & chemicals.

Wide temperature operating range. Up to 95% removal of Chlorine. Fits most all homes and installs in minutes!

Filters for Shower head should be changed every 4-6 months depending on the number of people using it. Enquire about Clearly Filtered's VIP program which is great for those who want to keep their filters fresh and clean. 

No plumber required!  Using pliers, remove your current shower head and screw on Clearly Filtered shower head.

Dirt, sediment, odor, chlorine, iron oxide, hydrogen sulfide



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